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Captain of the ship -- Leadership will not be passed freely between the other crew members for the duration of Kahless-ro' existance. No one else will run the Kahless-ro' in any way so the rules will remain the same and the only ones who discuss the rules are sit back and enjoy the Galley. Some double as security when we're not taking care of the rest of the ship.

T'nek Wocs
Ships' Captain -- Captain
T'nek Wocs
Finance Officer -- Captain
K'ydna Onarts
Communications -- Ensign
dr'ach Lorgh
Tactical/ -- Lt. Comander
Henry Campbell
Galley Position -- Civilian Slave
Keeper of the Provisions

Security -- Hey, it's their duty to invite you in or bounce you out! Don't be too offended if they decide not to invite you back, because if they do so they would have to take responsibility for ya....and that means that if you screw up and turn out to be an enemy, they gotta take the heat for it. And to be quite honest, if a Klingon invites in an enemy, we're as likely as not, to remove a Klingon, We killl them right along with ya. And before ya all ask us to be in security, man I just gotta ask ya why you'd want to be one! We appointed them to it before they could be shaken, not stirred..... (And no, sorry, there won't be any more security personel until we get it straight exactly what we expect from them).

M'adjahn Dok'Mar
Executive Officer -- Marine Major
Kanuchi BearKess-Krell
-- Commander --
dr'ach Lorgh
Tactical -- Lt. Commander
tamchoH'aHe'so'Heghmoh sIp
Quartermaster/Suppy Officer -- Ensign

The Regular Patrons/Klingons -- The honored, the devoted, the solid and caring....the drunks. We stand together and for each other through thick, thin, battles, wells, and well drinks. Brothers and Sisters of a tight and elite crew. We can tell each other that we're full of shit but woe be to the one who calls our brother or sister anything derogative at all if they are not one of us. Together we stand and together we fall in ,battle and, deep stupors of drunken merry-making, which ever comes first.

Chief of Engineering

Chief Medical Officer

Chief of Security

Navigations Officer

Computer Operations Officer

K'nitSirk Onarts
Helm Officer -- Ensign

Transporter Officer

Kats (Vulcan)
Alien Liason Officer

Puppies Corner -- We've all got them (at least most of us do). An alternate or two who just sulk around in the corners and don't want to be bothered much. We admit to being members of the ship cause we love to drink here and listen to all that's going on, but dangit, we just wanna stay in the shadows. If you know our true identities, please keep them secret and respect our silence until we trust you, you will then be revealed. (hey, unless I have permission to publicize who your alt is -- or it is blatantly obvious, I'll list it here -- but if you make it clear to the crew that one of these is an alt of yours, I will post it in the Irregulars).

If you wish to be taken out of the Puppies corner, please give a shout to Madjahn or Tnek Wocs on the ship to have your name removed from this list.

K'Irot K'Rex - Weapons Officer
- Science Officer


The Irregulars -- We don't know who the heck let you in the door but we also can't seem to get rid of you either and I guess you just grew on us enough for us to let you stay. Now that your butt cheeks are firmly embedded into the galley and you are addicted to the blood wine or Romulan ale, you might as well be counted somehow.... OOC -- these are the Admitted Alternates of our Regular crew.

- Chief Medical Officer
- Diplomacy/Ambassador

Faces Pressed to the Window -- We have a few of you folks out there who just DON'T want to join the the crew, but insist on being too friendly to be overlooked. I suppose you could call this an honorable mention.

Bailey,Michelle - support Staff