You've seen us Around....
You've dropped by a space port to catch a glimpse of us.

But you just have to ask yourself....

Who are these people and what do they stand for? Why do they band together, fight for each other.
To keep the Klingons' strong....?

IKV Kahless-ro" Bylaws

The IKV Kahless-ro' is primarily a Klingon based fan club, essentially a Live Role-playing club allowing it's members who wish to portray Science Fiction characters to join.

1. Membership Requirements --
IKV Kahless-ro" membership is voluntary and open to anyone wishing to join, provided they would be willing to adhere to the clubs guidelines and bylaws, with the understanding that they could be requested to leave the club should their actions violate club guidelines and/or bylaws.

Membership will consist of three (3) levels

Level 1: TAG Member; --
(a.) Preferred to be a uniformed member, every effort should be made to be properly costumed, though it is not required.
(b.) Minimum age for a Tag Member will be 18 years old.
(c.) Must attend at least 3/4s of all general membership meetings each year.
(d.) Make a significant effort to participate in Club activities.

Level 2: Support Member; --
(a.) Should make every attempt to be properly costumed for their character.
(b.) Attend at least 1/2 of all Membership meetings.
(c.) Involved in behind the scenes work.
(d.) Attempt to make some of the clubs activities.

Level 3: Inactive Member; --
(a.) Attend general membership meetings when possible.
(b.) Not required to participate in events or "Away Missions".
(c.) Participate Online through WEB Chats, Email, etc.
(d.) No uniform required.
(e.) Would be a non-voting member.

2. Rank Requirements; --

Cadet Rank:
Any member of the IKV Kahless-ro' less than 18 years old will receive Cadet, or Apprentice Title appropriate to their character.

Civilian Title
Any member of the IKV Kahless-ro' not wishing to have a Military character will be given Civilian Title appropriate to their character.

Enlisted Rank:
Upon joining the IKV Kahless-ro' new members will be given an Enlisted rank appropriate to their character.

Officer Rank:
To become an Officer Ranked member, They are required to have established some type of role playing persona and developed a uniform appropriate to that character. They will need to be 18 years old, and meet the requirements for that rank.

3. Club Positions: --

Club Positions would be similar to those thought to be aboard a Klingon Ship within the Star Trek genre.

Captain/Commander of the Ship/CO
Executive Officer/XO
Operations Officer/OPS/Second Officer

(The positions listed above being Military in nature will be held by Members with Officer Rank, and be TAG Members. Alien characters considered hostile to "The Empire" will have no command authority over the ship.)

Department Head: --

Any member of the IKV Kahless-ro' at least 18 years old or older may hold a position appropriate to that character. If a problem occurs where the Department Head is unable to fulfill their position due to an unplanned absence, will be placed on "Away Status". After a time determined by the Command Staff, the position will be considered vacant, and other individuals may apply and/or challenge for that position. Said individual will be considered as Support status, and if unable to return after another six (6) months, as a Reserve Member, or considered to have possibly quit the club, if not heard from after that period of time. Exceptions would be allowed, per approval by the Ships" Command Staff.

Changes to Club Positions: --

Eligible Members may apply for any Open Departmental or Command Position.
Holders of any position will retain that position for a minimum of (6) months.
After this amount of time any Active Member may submit a challenge for that position.

Eligibility: --

Must be an active member of the club for a minimum (6) months.
Must have an approved Uniform/Costume appropriate to that position.
Must have established some type of role-playing persona appropriate to that position.
Must be a minimum of 18 years old. (calender years)

All members aree encouraged to establish some type of role-playing persona and to develope costume appropriate to that character. Elisted ranking and cadet ranking would be awarded, following the rank structure established by our Parent Organization(s). See Appendix A. together....

The Challenge or ja'Chuq: --

Any member may "Challenge" for a particular Position if they meet the requirements for that job. On the IKV Kahless-ro' this will be called the "ja'Chuq".
The procedure is when we have a situation where at least (2) qualified members wish to hold the same position.
A person will be picked as Arbitrator, to be decided how, on individual basis.
The designated Arbitrator would then establish the ground rules for the ja'Chuq. In most cases the ja'Chuq is done in (3) parts, thus preventing a tie for the position, though if it is found that co-chairmen of a department works out, a tie can be accepted. Other wise the (3) part method is used.
The first part of the ja'Chuq is the Mek'ba, where each member will stand before the Arbitrator and crew and state their qualifications, and why they should become the holder of the position in question.
The second part is usually a physical challenge, determined by the Arbitrator. This is variable in that the Physical Task must be something all participating parties have an equal chance to prove their ability.
The third part is the tie breaker event If for some reason one member wins the Mek'ba and the other wins the physical, a third event is then held. Usually the Arbitrator selects this from suggestions made by the ships" crew. All competing members must accept the event selected.

4. Uniform approval: --

For a character acceptable uniform/costumes would be similar to that of any worn by PARAMOUNT approved Klingon Characters. For a character other than Klingon, acceptable uniforms/costumes can be native to their home worlds.

5. Code of Conduct: --

Exercise good judgment, common sense, and safety in all activities.
Cooperation and participation are encouraged at all activities when representing the club or Parent Organization(s).
Avoid creating embarrassing or unfavorable acts that reflect negatively on the Club or Parent Organization(s).
The use of live steel has been of controversy over whether or not it should or should not be displayed. For the most part, it should never be brandished in public. The term"peace bound" is often mentioned. This is a policy, where weapons are tied to their sheaths or bound (bonded), in such a manner, that no accidental drawing of said weapon can occur. The Ships" personnel will follow this policy, unless otherwise superseded. In certain cases where a demonstration is to be conducted, weapons will be then displayed is a safe area and manner.
Any so called alliances or treaties will be handled at the Parent Organization level. However, some events often have House affiliation or alliances, which would be different from ship or Fleet alliances.
In any such case, conflict would not be appropriate at most events. This extends to interaction with other clubs, Federation Romulans, or other fandom, when being held on neutral territory such as Conventions, Feast, or other events where a "peace" or "Cease fire" has been declared.


This club has a non-profit charter: as such it states it is for a science fiction fan club, not just STAR TREK. Because the club has been established as a Klingon Ship, and otherwise functions under guidelines established for a Klingon ship under the Parent Organization(s) guidelines Klingon is the preferred character race.
Under normal Klingon regulations it is highly irregular that any other species would be allowed on-board a Klingon Warship. However, with various treaties and alliances, limited access and travel by non-Klingon parties would be appropriate. The Kahless-ro' is a rare ship, in that it is one that allows this to occur.
"Civilian" members could function as department members, scientists,ambassadors, clerical,religious, or merchant class aboard the vessel. Again they would be encouraged to also assume character and garb similar to that of their home planet. this allows human type characters to also be on-board Klingon vessels, though alien species are more preferential, since we are doing this as a role-playing part of the club. As a Department Head the individuals will have to conform to requirements, costumed/or uniformed, appropriate to their established character.

Parent Organization Guidelines --
Ring of Fire Fleet: --

The Ring of Fire Fleet is the upper most portion in the "Chain of Command".
The Ring of Fire Fleet has a Dual Chain of Command with both reporting to the Fleet Admiral.
There is a Marine Chain of Command, and a Naval Chain of Command.
Members joining Fleet will have the choice of joining one or the other.
The Fleet itself consists of Stations and Ships in several different regions within the United States and its territories. Those Regions are identified as follows.

Current Regions --

*Fire Mountain-- Colorado,New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana
*Green Fire-- Oregon, Washington, Utah, Hawaii, and Alaska
*Kri'stak-- Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Arizona
*Star Fire-- Northern California(North of Bakersfield), and Northern Nevada (North of Las Vegas)
*Undiscovered Country-- All other areas of the United States not covered that wish to join

These Regions will have a Regional or Regent Commander and a Vice Regent.(Guidelines for their function have been established under the Ring of Fire Fleet guidelines)

The area that directly effects this club is the next lower level of command, that of Ship Commander or Duty Station Commander. This would be our "Captain". They would report club activities to the Regent or in their absence the Vice Regent, as required. They are usually chosen or selected by the local club to represent that clubs local governing or operations. Then the next level would be the Executive Officer or XO, First Officer, wa'Dich. They assume local operational command in the absence of the "Captain".

As with most naval units the "Captain" does not have to be a Captain, but because they are Commander of the ship or station, they are addressed as Captain. When both Captain and XO are of equal rank, the XO will be addressed as Commander, until such time as they assume the position of Captain of the vessel, or duty station.

In general, individuals below the XO are normally addressed by their regular rank. They would then fill the various Departments aboard the Ship or Duty Station.