The Feast of Qot baVol
"The Gathering"

Location: Valley of Fire Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: March 16-18 2017
Poodle Rock with Planet Mars in the background - Night photo taken by photographer Wally Pacholka.

Formal Activities are on Saturday:

Noon - Social gathering
At 1pm Games between Feddies and Klingons will begin
Hosted by the IKV Kahless-ro
6pm - Opening Circle with Feasting to Follow

Registration and Parking Fees!

Sign Up Now Before We Realize
How Insanely Little We're Charging!!
Adults - $20.00 Children - $10
Prices are good until 02/28/2017
Then prices go to $35.00 - Adults only
all moneys received are donations to the club

Parking Fees are Controlled by The Park
$10 per vehicle per day!
$18.00 per vehicle if camping over night per night!

For those coming just for the Feast on Saturday night and not camping it is $20 per person, and $10 per vehicle.

Contact Tnek Wocs --

or Contact M'adjahn Dok'Marr --

Details: B.Y.O.B. Games and Activities for the whole family. Feast night will feature full klingon/star trek dress. Food, and Songs! Parking Fees are not included, please see the park website for details.

CAMPSITES AVAILABLE in Beehive Group Camp Site 2&3 where the gate is always open.