This is the Charter for this Group!

Please Check Back for Updates!
Opinions Allowed! Fun and Friendship Encouraged!!! Sense of Humor Required!!
Multiple Leaders Available when they feel like being available!
We stand for a Klingons' Code of Honor, roleplaying and fulfilling our dreams of a better world.


"What's this," you ask the bartender....
She glances at it and laughs.... "Oh, we probably ought to save's our charter."
"What's a charter?" you ask.

"It's what we had to tell Terrans, about what we stand for as Warriors," she tells you casually as she pours you another drink.
"Just drink up and enjoy the ambiance darlin...." she tells you sweetly as she puts it back up on the wall behind the bar.
By the way, if you "expected something better from us," please click here.
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